Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Hot on Home Video: 'Paprika'

The cult favorite 2007 anime from Satoshi Kon, which no doubt inspired Christopher Nolan's "Inception," weaves a twist-filled tapestry about a contraption that records dreams, as well as a therapist who seeks to track down its whereabouts before nefarious forces capture it and use it for self-serving purposes.

Released in a dazzling steelbook format and looking dapper in a new 4K restoration, the spellbinding visuals pop more than they ever have on home video. The set is loaded with extras, including filmmaker commentary, a making-of doc, storyboards and a featurette that explores the dream world. In addition to Japanese, there are also English, French and Spanish dub traacks. 

Hopefully the rerelease inspires a new generation of anime fans to give it a look. The film was far ahead of its time when it was first released, and continues to stand on the bleeding edge of genre-bending animation.

Studio sent screener for review.

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