Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Hot on Home Video: 'McCabe & Mrs. Miller' (Criterion)

Robert Altman's 1971 revisionist Western paired Warren Beatty and Julie Christy as two carpetbaggers new to a Northwest mining town who put together a house of ill repute that transforms the town. They take on a robber baron-run mining company that seeks its undoing.

Slick dialogue, iconic performances and a gorgeous visual flair all flourish in the film, which benefits from Altman's steady hand and a glorious 4K restoration. Well-rounded characters and Altman's flair for characters who talk over one another put an impeccable stamp on the material.

Criterion dug up tons of extras to make the disc the de facto definitive release of the film on home video. Extras include Altman's 2002 commentary with producer David Foster, a making-of documentary and a discussion on the Altman mythos between film historians Cari Beauchamp and Rick Jewell. There's also a vintage featurette from the 1970 filming, excerpts of Dick Cavett interviews with Altman and film critic Pauline Kael, as well as a tribute booklet with an essay by critic Nathaniel Rich.

Studio sent screener for review.

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