Thursday, May 05, 2011

My Stand-Up Routine

(I will pause for laughter in between each of these one-liners.)

Black people are different than white people.

Marriage is difficult.

Women think about and react to things in ways men do not.

Airplane food is low-quality.

Television and movies exaggerate stuff from real life.

My boss is difficult to work with.

There are some unconventional things that most people like that I do not.

My kids say things that adults would never say.

Something abnormal happened to me once while I was engaging in sexual intercourse.

I do not enjoy it when my mother in law lives in my house for a month.

Poor people like me were raised differently than rich people.

My parents used harsher discipline methods on me than I do for my own kids.

Again. Black people are different than white people.

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