Tuesday, February 19, 2019

"Aragami: Shadow Edition" Switch Review

Lurking in the shadows, you hunt you slip undetected through courtyards, corridors and alleyways. You play a slain hero who has been summoned back from the dead, and is now on the hunto to collect fragments of his past.

After a slow start, the momentum picks up steam as it goes. The slow-moving opening is key to indoctrinating you in the rhythm and flow of the game, helping you adapt the skills you'll need to thrive later. Once things get going, you'll find yourself hooked as you sink deeper into the tale.

The dev team at Lince Works crafts a gorgeous backdrop for your exploits. Intricate challenges force you to time out your movements and attacks with precision. This is not one of the stealth-oriented games that you can go through with wanton disregard for methodical care. Make a wrong move and you'll only mount frustration.

The Switch release comes half a year after it debuted on Xbox One and PS4, arriving in a faithful port that manages to starkly recreate a console experience in handheld mode. Previously released DLC comes along, giving you the full experience at an entry-level price.

"Aragami: Shadow Edition" may not be a traditional take on the stealth game, but the breaks from the norm it delivers manage to freshen up the template enough to make the experience seem fresh and captivating. There are treasures to be had in these shadows.

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