Tuesday, February 26, 2019

"Trials Rising" Review

As you play "Trials Rising," you feel like you're chasing the edge of excellence, ever on the verge of nailing the trick it will take to vault you to a chart-topping score.

You speed through courses loaded with ramps, obstacles, inclines and declines, hurling your rider into the fray with what would appear to an onlooker like reckless exuberance. In reality, it's precise, studied intricacy that leads to a dream run. Every slice of perfection is preceded by copious failure and incremental advancement.

Developer RedLynx adds new modes while maintaining the level of visual excellence and smooth gameplay from the previous games. The concept that started as a browser game in 2000 and was refined for console release with "Trials 2" in 2007 now continues to thrive on current-gen consoles.

Playing the game that looks this good and plays so swiftly on the Switch's handheld mode seems like a marvel, much the same as some of the most particularly dazzing PS Vita games seemed at launch. The Switch, however, ratchets the visuals and sound to a more impressive plateau. This is a true showpiece with which to wow friends.

From the robust soundtrack to the deep customization options and varied modes and tracks, "Trials Rising" is a punishing crucible disguised as a adrenaline-juiced thrill ride. The climb toward excellence is a speedy, trick-filled glory road.
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