Wednesday, February 20, 2019

"Unexplored: Unlocked Edition" Review

Two years after its original PC release, "Unexplored" comes to consoles in a revamped edition, accompanied by three DLC packs.

The overhead view roguelike, with procedurally generated levels, loads of items to discover and craft, as well as varied enemy types with distinct styles you need to adjust to on the fly, the game provides plenty to chew on.

A simplistic, 16-bit art style belies complex challenges. "Unexplored" is accessible from the get-go, but its cicuitrous dungeons hide multitudes of secrets and discoveries to unearth.

Although the tank-like traversal takes some getting used to, once you've adjusted to the quirks, it becomes second nature. A deep and involving RPG, "Unexplored" packs in loads of replayability, with no two runs playing out the same way. Developer Ludomotion outdid itself when synthesizing retro charm with modern aesthetics.

An especially apt mesh with the Switch in handheld mode, "Unexplored: Unlocked Edition" is the definitive version of one of the more distinctive indie gems of recent years. Don't overlook the diamond in the rough.

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