Tuesday, April 02, 2019

"Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid" Review

A natural fit for a "Marvel vs. Capcom" style fighter treatment, the Power Rangers face off against one another, as well as a slew of enemies, in "Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid."

Developer nWay crafts a capable 3-on-3 slugfest, which draws from the likes of "Tekken Tag Tournament" in addition to the famed Capcom brawlers. Tight controls, slick visuals and rapidfire gameplay makes each battle an entertaining romp.

At the heart of the gameplay is the rock-paper-scissors nature of attack arrays, which grants a psychological dimension to the twitch reflexes that dominate each battle. A variety of ranged, close-quarters and team-up moves lather up pyrotechnics that grant a "wow" factor to the fights.

Lacking much of an impetus for single players, much of the game's draw comes from multiplayer. Several modes let you slug it out online, and while the character roster may be on the thin side, the combinations you can stack together give the matchups plenty of variety.

Although the game feels thin, there are strong bones here that could mark a refreshing new direction for the franchise, which has been painfully bereft of many playable games over its quarter-century history. Paired with the successful 2017 movie, the new fighter game has the Power Rangers looking more formidable than ever.

Publisher provided review code.

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