Thursday, April 04, 2019

"Yet Another Zombie Defense HD" Review

At this point, it's safe to say that zombies will remain the default stooge in gaming. They're mindless, bloodthirsty fodder whose deaths don't offend anyone. So here we go again, with "Yet Another Zombie Defense HD," which debuts on Switch less than a year after its rough start on Xbox One.

Developer Awesome Games Studio adapts the single-screen "Geometry Wars" concept to a battle with the undead, adding in some tower defense attributes to freshen things up.

As the title indicates, it's not the freshest of concepts, but the self-awareness of redundancy doesn't translate into a cheeky meta vibe that it might have. As you dispatch wave after wave of the undead, a monotony starts to set in.

That feeling is eventually followed by anger and frustration -- if not from the gameplay itself, but because you become all too aware that you'll have to slog through an interminable ordeal just to return to the point to which you'd made it.

With lackluster visuals and sound design, the game relies solely on gameplay for its appeal. Tight controls and slick pacing notwithstanding, the monotonous nature of the game makes it tough to play for an extended length of time without throwing your hands up in frustration.

"Yet Another Zombie Defense" isn't the worst of its ilk by a longshot, but there is too little here to differentiate it from a crowded field. The game itself is all too much like its subject matter -- lifeless and brainless, existing just to take up space and siphon away your life force.
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