Tuesday, May 07, 2019

"Air Conflicts Collection" Review

Combining two memorable Kalypso dogfighting efforts, "Air Conflicts Collection" lets you take to the skies and down bogeys as a daring fighter pilot.

"Air Conflicts: Secret Wars" spans the first and second World Wars, while "Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers" is set amid the tide-turning World War II clashes with Japan.

Both games boast online combat, a rarity for Switch titles, as well as a wide array of single-player campaign missions.

Both games not only establish striking visuals, but maintain the gorgeous looks while adding convincing senses of speed and danger amid high-intensity combat. The array of aircraft and weaponry available stays relatively true to historical accuracy while fudging just enough on physics and damage to inject an arcade flavor.

Taking to the danger-plagued skies, you get a convincing sense of aerial gymnastics as you maneuver your fighter through intense scenarios. While the mix of missions and level design is expectedly repetitive, the replay loop remains strong.

"Air Conflicts Collection" gives you plenty of airborne escapades in which to engage. The double dose of 20th century air combat manages to lift off and soar.

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