Monday, May 06, 2019

"Black Paradox" Review

A fast-paced, gleefully violent shoot-em-up from developer Digerati Distribution, "Black Paradox" is a blast, even when it goes out of its way to frustrate you.

You play as the title character, a rage-fueled bounty hunter who romps across the galaxy to take down the Hellraisers, a seven-strong band of ruthless criminals who are begging to be taken down.

Armed with a plethora of ballistics -- including 20 weapons, 13 drones, 20 powerups and a slew of roll through armies of disposable cannon fodder, motoring your way through with style and force. Raw instinct takes over where strategy and patience fail you.

Bolstered by a 32-bit style pixel art graphical palate and a catchy chiptune soundtrack, the game feels like a time warp into the 90s. There's a fine art to this level of calculated goofiness, and "Black Paradox" nails it on every conceivable level. Everything comes to a head during oisterous boss battles.

The game connects with noobs and veterans alike for its accessibility, as well as difficult-to-master intricacies that truly come into play in the postgame content, which boasts a ludicrously difficult boss rush mode.

"Black Paradox" is wily and bombastic rush, with loads of personality and charm. There are plenty of games like it, but few manage to match its raw energy level. The game is more 90s than the 90s themselves, and that's the happy paradox we're working with here.

Publisher provided the review code.

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