Saturday, March 14, 2020

"3000th Duel" Review

A sleek and penetrating takeoff on the Metroidvania dynamic, "3000th Duel" places exploration and dynamic backtracking at the forefront. Combining smart, suspenseful storytelling with inventive combat and puzzle-solving, the game is a treat for Switch owners looking for a rich and powerful new obsession.

Placing a fresh twist on the insomniac hero setup, "3000th Duel" tells a stylish story with urgency and a deepening sense of mystery. As your mask-wearing character explores the oblique world, he learns haunting facts about his past that shifts his motives and endgame into question.

Developer Neopopcorn Corp crafts a visually bold tale that tugs you along by the shirt collar.

Battles, in particular, make for a rewarding sense of accomplishment. Timing and strategy are key, with enemies testing your sense of adaptability as you scrap for survival. Action rises to the forefront, and your character's rising sense of power and control is intoxicating.

If you find yourself more cooped up than usual in these days of social distancing, "3000th Duel" can be a welcome part of your entertainment rotation. It's well-crafted enough to cleanse your memory of your other Metroidvania successes.

Publisher provided review code.

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