Friday, March 06, 2020

"Bloodroots" Review

Proudly wearing a Haggar the Horrible-like animation style on its ragged sleeves, "Bloodroots" is a wallop-packing action romp that thrives on an "Itchy & Scratchy"-style of exaggerated hyperviolence.

"Bloodroots" takes the Jackie Chan approached to combat. Scrounging for environmental items you can weaponize in combo-loaded melees, you ramble across the map in pursuit of creative implements.

Anything from vegetation to household goods can be picked up and wielded at surrounding opponents.

Playing as the vengeful  Mr. Wolf, you make your way through the Weird West, a dilapidated yet bubbly lawless outpost that serves as a stomping ground for your melees.

Developer Paper Cult infuses attitude and amplitude in its storytelling, crafting a riotous, anything-goes wonderland of fisticuffs.

Peppy writing and the entrancing visuals combine to conjure a captivating feel. Oozing with personality and outrageous humor, "Bloodroots" is an eclectic and energetic romp that never wears out its welcome. It's combustive and creative down to its very roots.

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