Monday, March 02, 2020

"Yakuza Remastered Collection" Review

The release of "Yakuza Remastered Collection" is an excuse to dive into the core games of the sprawling Japanese gangland opus.

The anthology contains three previously released games, with a minor visual update and a few quality-of-life upgrades thrown in to freshen things up.

The third, fourth and fifth numbered entries of the franchise -- previously available only on the PS3 -- are included, each spinning a lengthy and sidequest-packed journey into the depths of the underworld. Beneath the hardboiled surface of each game bubbles a decidedly goofy and whimsical interior.

Minigames include rhythm-based button-tapping karaoke, exercise, dance and arcade pastimes. Those flourishes are more than just ways in which to blow off steam. They insinuate you into the characterization and culture of the society, immersing you into the sights and sounds of big city excess.

All the games run in 1080p and 60fps. Even more appealingly, they reduce some of the painful loading times and chugging prevalent in previous-gen games. A touched-up translation and addition of missing story moments from past games also makes the collection the most polished versions of the games to date.

You're best off taking on the games in order, due to the evolution in gameplay and storytelling that continued into the landmark 2016 release of "Yakuza 6."

Now the entire "Yakuza" storyline can be fully consumed on the PS4, completionists can finally put their PS3s to rest. This is the way the "Yakuza" games were meant to be appreciated.

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