Tuesday, March 10, 2020

"Nioh 2" Review

Beating the likes of "Dark Souls" at its own game is no easy feat, but the "Nioh" games are more than up to the task. The PS4 exclusives deliver an ethereal though grounded style all their own, finding clever ways to spark excitement, satisfaction and even joy amid the hellish challenge.

"Nioh 2," the follow-up to the revered 2017 Souls-like adventure, gathers much of what the original such a standout, while branching out in refreshing and often daring ways.

The dev squad at Team Ninja delves into the 1555 Sengoku period of Japan, crafting a supernatural-tinged journey into the metaphysical.

As a half-human, half supernatural Yokai warrior, the burden falls on you to combat sinister forces by drawing on an otherworldly summon. By alternating between corporeal and beast form, you adapt to the offensive and defensive needs of the task at hand.

Opportunities to upgrade are numerous, but to thrive you need to take a calculated approach to strive toward the build you desire, adapting your skills and upgrades to a cohesive vision.

Haunting visuals couple with a subtly unnerving soundtrack to pitch a sense of dread over the proceedings. Veterans of Souls-style games, including "Bloodborne," will understand the basics, but will find plenty of surprises and wrinkles that make "Nioh 2" more of a trailblazer in the subgenre than a follower.

Raising its fist to the skies in defiance, "Nioh 2" is a brash and combustive. The game makes you work for every inch of progress, thrilling you all the while. Those who were obsessed with the first "Nioh" have hardly seen anything yet.

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