Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Game Review: 'Just Dance 2024 Edition'

An excellent daily workout that manages to burn the calories as you allow yourself to look ridiculous inside the comfort of your own home, "Just Dance 2024" manages to maintain the annual release series standard with a compelling suite of solo and multiplayer modes, a compelling tracklist that's filled with a mix of popular songs and enduring classics, and low barriers to entry that allow players of multiple generations and skill levels to enjoy the antics together.

While I will always long for the series' glory days, when they were connected to Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move, allowing for video sharing, I've taken a shine to the Switch version, which allows you to either use the game's app to track your motion, or push the easy button and just use the Joy-Cons to match your moves to the TV screen.

The track lists spans from the likes of Olivia Rodrigo's "Vampire" to Bad Bunny's "Titi Me Pregunto" and calling back to a cover of "Rapper's Delight."

A quirky new addition to this year's game is "A Night in tthe Chateau de Versailles," which transports you to the 18th century in a backdrop resembling the world heritage site of the palace, including its gardens, the Latona Fountain and Hall of Mirrors as you groove to Lully's "Marche Turque" and Rameau's "Les Sauvages."

While the depth and breadth of content won't bowl you over, if you're a series superfan you'll find more than enough here to justify your annual purchase. It's a game that works just as well at parties as it does in privacy.

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