Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Hot on Home Video: 'Expend4bles,' 'Gran Turismo,' 'Godzilla,' 'The Boys: Season 3,' 'Violent Night'


The consistently hilarious and action-packed Prime Video original series continues to thrill in its third frame, introducing twists while adding depth to established characters and arcs. The Boys track down an anti-Supe weapon, face off with the Seven and pursue the legend of heroic patriarch Soldier Boy.

Extras include gag reels, deleted and extended scenes, as well as a making-of featurette.


Sylvester Stallone, 50 Center, Megan Fox, Dolph Lundgren, Tony Jaa, Andy Garcia and Randy Coutoure gather for another explosive entry in the action franchise. The mercenary squad takes on a baffling terrorist who goes by Ocelot and plans to ignite clobal conflict. Director Scott Waugh keeps the globe-hopping antics flowing with excitement and verve, pepped up by an inventive, twist-filled script that pulses with quotable one-liners.


The rightfully beleaguered 1998 film marks a low-water mark for the franchise. Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno and Hank Azaria star in this offbeat take on the kaiju legend, which seemingly spares its over-the-top budget by keeping the title character off-screen for a significant portion of the film. Director Roland Emmerich is unable to keep the pace moving.

Extras in the steelbook edition include visual effects commentary, a behind-the-scenes peek, a Wallflowers "Heroes" music video and a montage of Godzilla fight scenes.


Continuing the trend of game adaptations to film that are far better than expected, "Gran Turismo" attaches itself to the improbable life story of Jann Mardenborough, who parlayed his obsessive training on the PlayStation racing series into a career as a professional racer. While product placement is exploited to an absurd degree in what amounts to an excellent commercial for the game, the bones of the saga carry the film across the finish line. Much of the credit belongs to the solid cast, which consists of David Harbour, Olrando Bloom and Archie Madekwe.

Extras include a slew of making-of featurettes, including looks at the visuals, stunts, cast and Mardenborough's tale. There are also deleted and extended scenes to rev your engine.


A surprise horror-comedy success from last year, "Violent Night" stars David Harbour, John Leguizamo and Alexis Hassell in a funny and tension-filled tale of a demented St. Nick who unleashes his fury on a gang of mercenaries who break into a wealthy home to try to ruin Christmas. Harbour's grandstanding performance is a crowd-pleaser.

Special features include feature commentary with director Tommy Wirkola and his team, as well as deleted and extended scenes and a making-of doc.

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