Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Game Review: 'Wizard with a Gun'

Magic wand-wielding wizards are imposing enough, but if they're packing heat then they are truly forces to be reckoned with. Developer Galvanic Games' "Wizard with a Gun" brings the absurdly comical concept to life in co-op sandbox survival style.  

Set in a landscape in which a wizard empire has been taken apart by a force known as Chaos, you grab your firearm and set to battle magical enemies who are preventing the wasteland to returning to its former glory.

The gameplay is fluid and peppy, with an engaging rewards loop that has you seek out artifacts and items you use to bolster a headquarters that grows in stature as you play. You build up your capabilities and seek to take over more treacherous enemies and environs. There are hints of "Diablo" at play.

Combat is the main draw, with an inventive mix of spells and gunplay allowing you to shape your character to your vision.

While some more powerful storytelling would have bolstered the total package, the game is exciting enough -- particularly in co-op -- to keep you coming back for more. There is wizardry at work here.

Publisher provided review code.

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