Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just when I thought I couldn't love "God of War 2" more

There enters a part where you find Icarus, who is old, disheveled and obsessed with flying across a chasm to meet the Fates.

He tells you to turn back, but you step up and tell him not only will you fly over that chasm he's wasted his entire, worthless life hoping to cross, but you'll use his wings to do it. So then you start beating him down, ripping his wings off him as you tumble down a seemingly bottomless pit. I never knew life could hold such pleasures. And when you win it gets even better. Turns out there's a pool of lava at the bottom, waiting to give your opponent a big hug.

Yeah, I know the game came out 2 1/2 years ago, but I'm slow. Let me enjoy the moment for what it is.

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