Monday, August 18, 2008

My new enemy

Checker Auto Parts. I bought a car battery a month ago, and in San Diego it stranded me. had to buy a new one from AAA. I took the "old" battery back to Checker Sunday and they told me to go sodomize myself. They wouldn't warranty it because their test says the battery is good, and wouldn't refund or exchange it even though it says on the receipt that they do refunds and exchanges for 60 days. Geez, try to f*%& with me cuz I'm a teenager with a little bit of gold and a pager. Awaiting a call back from the district manager today...

UPDATE: The district manager told me he'll order the store to refund me. I can't wait to stare down the evil fool who dared stand up to me and boast of my victory. I envision it like a "Highlander" showdown. There can only be one.

I think I may even thank the guy. It was totally worth it for him to act like such a jackass to create the opportunity for me to stomp him today.

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