Monday, September 25, 2017

"Ruiner" Review

Fresh off the success of the "Hotline Miami" games, publisher Devolver Digital is back with a similar isometric shooter in the form of "Ruiner." Paced with quick deaths and even faster restarts, "Ruiner" gets your blood pumping as you hurl everything you've got at the game's challenges, sifting through trial and error until you dig up the skill and strategy to make your way past environmental obstacles and assaults.

The thin plot has you seeking out your kidnapped brother as you infiltrate rough streets lorded over by organized crime and corrupt law enforcement. Occasional "gotcha" moments make some of your deaths feel cheap, but those just make it feel that much sweeter to overcome them, kill off your enemies in comical fashion and grasp sweet glory.

Those moments of triumph are short-lived, however, because "Ruiner" is a bastard of the game that continually jumps you with more agony around every dark corner. You can't trust any step you make as you romp into new territory, constantly shell-shocked and in hyper defensive mode. But taking it easy does you few favors. The game is best enjoyed by cutting loose, accepting inevitable death and shaking off your failures to attack your tormenters with renewed vigor. "Ruiner" is a jolt of adrenaline a year steeped in slow-paced, methodical shooters needed.

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