Sunday, September 17, 2017

"PES 2018" Review

For the past few years, the soccer obsessives at Konami have launched free kicks directly at the nuts of their EA competition. Rather than park the bus and run out the clock to preserve its perceived dominance, "PES 2018" stays with the strategy to got it to its current position, pushing its midfield up into an all-out attack on the back of the net.

Lifelike player renditions and motion captures, exquisite ball physics and enchanting crowd noise continue to amplify the experience and make it feel strikingly close to not only broadcast quality, but also the in-person experience of catching soccer at its highest level. An overpowering sense of knowledge, research and detail went into every aspect of the production, making the game feel like a passion project come to life rather than the annual, corporately mandated series update it is.

Although lack of licenses will always be what holds "PES" games back, but loyal fans push out accurate roster updates you can patch in to keep your players and squads as up-to-date as the "FIFA" counterpart.

Another minor niggle is the somewhat stiff menu interface that takes some adjustment to master for newbies. Anyone with experience with past "PES" games will feel right at home, minimizing the adjustment needed.

A true game for the soccer fanatic rather than the casual tourist, "PES 2018" excels in just about every facet of the game. While there are no standout features that necessitate an upgrade, the allure of the highest-precision soccer game on the market is probably enough to tip the balance in favor of plunging in.

Publisher provided review code.

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