Sunday, September 17, 2017

"Project CARS 2" Review

Two years ago, the long-gestating "Project CARS" was a major disruptor in the racing genre, putting some heat on the likes of "Forza" and "Gran Turismo." With scores of unlockable vehicles, tracks and impressive environmental effects, the game shook the foundation of the competitors and sparked some imitation.

Now "Project CARS 2" comes along to compete with its fiercest rival -- the shadow of its predecessor. The new game builds steadily -- if unspectacularly -- upon a solid foundation, content to re-trace much of the same path of what came before.

As with the previous game, much of the enduring success of "Project CARS 2" will be determined by the legs it finds in the online realm. An intuitive interface gives it an impressive head start in that regard. With its rivals asleep at the wheel, Bandai Namco could seize this opportunity to drift into the head of the pack.

A welcome mix of arcade and simulation aspects keeps the career climb intriguing. Nearly everything you do on the track contributes to your climb to the top. Not that you need much of an incentive to keep on playing. The race action is exhilarating enough to keep you fascinated without any manufactured rewards loops.

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