Sunday, September 17, 2017

"NBA 2K18" Review

Year in and year out, Visual Concepts slays with its NBA 2K series. "NBA 2K18" continues to rise to the incredibly high bar. Refining earlier slipshod attempts at acing the story mode aspect of the package, this year's entry sticks closer to the previous template, ignoring the unfortunate Spike Lee-directed detour.

After you design your player, you hit a prospect camp and start attempting to play, scheme and talk your way into a high draft slot. Your choices, especially the headway you make in the RPG-style aspects of your character build, determine your skills, status in the league, contract and star power. More than a standard be-a-player mode while stopping short of forcing your player into a predetermined, overly dramatic narrative arc, the mode provides a strong basis for your avatar in the game's various other arenas.

Whether your penchant is for streetball, career simulation, franchise or online team play, your character will be there to help you go up against the greats.

Player movement and animations have been considerably upgraded, adding to the ever-shrinking proximity to Uncanny Valley and inevitable vault into the beyond. As expected, live updates to rosters, injuries and skill developments continue to match real-life developments.

"NBA 2K18" is as brilliant in execution as a Steve Kerr-coached championship squad, and also every bit as fun to watch as Kerr's Dubs. This game is a beacon for what can be accomplished in basketball sims, as well as sports games in general.
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