Wednesday, September 20, 2017

"SteamWorld Dig 2" Review

Every two years, developer Image & Form somehow manages to top itself with yet another Metroidvania-style smash.

Following the head-turning successes of "SteamWorld Dig" (2013) and "SteamWorld Heist" (2015) comes "SteamWorld Dig 2," which reaches fascinating heists while allowing you to dig deep into its subterranean depths. The side-scroller tasks you to seek out currency and upgrades beneath the surface, teasing you with just-out-of-reach caches you vow to return to dig up once you've equipped more powerful tools.

Packing a steampunk-style vibe blended with Wild West influences, the game's cast of characters make for a steady stream of chuckles and occasionally thought-provoking witticisms.

Labyrinthine levels are designed with exquisite ingenuity and care, and the bite-size mission design makes it easy to pick up and play in quick hits or invest long-term time for marathon sessions. The versatility is what makes it an apt pairing for the Switch, which has replaced the 3DS as the system of choice for "SteamWorld" games.

A game as filled with hidden treasures as its levels, "SteamWorld Dig 2" is one of the year's highlights and yet another home run for the skilled dev team. Ya dig?

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