Tuesday, January 09, 2018

"Albert & Otto: The Adventure Begins" Review

Heavily influenced by the silhoutted platformer style of "Limbo" and "Inside," "Albert & Otto
is a haunting, gorgeously designed 2D puzzle-solving, timing-focused adventure that tasks you to tackle tricky problems through quick reflexes combined with trial and error.

The twist, as you can glean from the title, is that you're not alone as you are in thatgamecompany's haunting solo escapades. With a mechanical robot rabbit at your side, you break down puzzles via remtoe control.

Originally released on Android and Steam, "Albert & Otto" re-emerges on Xbox One and PS4. Dark themes abound. Vicious creatures, ranging from the likes of killer fish and vicious wolves to mechanical giants, stalk you in the night. Expect to die early and often, with only your wits and ability to learn from your failures keeping you going.

While the game is on the short side, with limited replayability unless you are into the speed run scene, "Albert & Otto" manages to jam an impressive amount of thrills into a diminutive package.
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