Thursday, January 25, 2018

"Mutant Football League" Review

Back in the early 1990s, "Mutant League Football" and "Base Wars" were sports games for gamers who weren't much into sports. Jazzing up traditional rules with superpowers, grotesque humor and battles to the death, rode a wave of absurdity to cult fame.

"Mutant Football League," a crowdfunded remake of "Mutant League Football," not only resurrects the charm of the older game, but adds "NFL Blitz"-style arcade influences. The result is a rambunctiously joyful whirlwind of monster-infused football mayhem.

Limited formation and play selection adds a rock-paper-scissors strategy to the affair, which takes on a new life during multiplayer. Single-player and spectator modes are also available, with the latter being noteworthy for the opportunity it provides to scope out potential stratagems.

While a little thin in execution -- franchise and character creation modes would have been welcome --  "Mutant Football League" manages to hit its routes in stride and gleefully reinvents a classic for the modern age.

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