Saturday, January 27, 2018

"Tennis" Review

The worst possible thing to befall the Switch game "Tennis" is the announcement of "Mario Tennis Aces," which pretty much made this game irrelevant as soon as it became known. Not that it needed much help in that respect. The slim, sloppy title plays like a minigame awkwardly expanded into a stand-alone download, feeling like a singled-out segment of a party game package rather than a full-fledged release.

The basics copy the look and feel of the tennis portion of the beloved "Wii Sports," the success of which Nintendo never managed to emulate on the Wii U and has yet to attempt on the Switch.

On second thought, the advent of Nintendo's first-party effort may be just about the only thing going for the simplistic, bare-minimum effort. Gamers thinking they are getting Mario's latest sports outing who accidentally pick this one up instead may be the prime source of sales.
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