Tuesday, January 16, 2018

"Gunhouse" Switch Review

An inventive puzzle/tower defense combo, "Gunhouse" released on mobile devices and Vita a year ago. An under-the-radar cult hit, the past performance now seems like little more than the buildup for the release on the Switch, the system for which it always seemed intended.

You plot out your defenses against waves of attackers, then bulk up your capabilities by maneuvering a simple block-stacking game off to the side of the action. By rearranging different-sized blocks in groups of one to three, you clear the way for score boosts and upgrades.

The hybrid is reminiscent of "Puzzle Quest" games, but less frenzied and more strategic. As with "Puzzle Quest," your performance in both sectors is symbiotic. If you don't plan out your defenses properly, it won't much matter how you perform in the puzzle portion. Conversely, if your puzzle game is off, it won't much matter how well you pre-plan your setup.

A slim concept that works as a therapeutic time-killer, "Gunhouse" has evolved masterfully onto Nintendo's console. The game works as a decent palate cleanser in between the Switch's heavier offerings.
Publisher provided review code.

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