Saturday, January 27, 2018

"Space Dave!" Review

If you've ever played "Space Invaders" and thought the game would be better if there were more bullets, different heroes to select and the ability to jump, "Space Dave!" is your game.

A retro throwback that pits you in a single-screen throwdown against patterned alien forces gradually descending until they're obliterated or their laser bombardment sends you to oblivion.

Colorful and vibrant, the game is billed as developer Choice Provisions' spiritual follow-up to 2014's "Whoah, Dave!" Power-ups, familiar characters and online leaderboards give you reason to keep coming back for more.

While the gameplay reward loop is a little slim, the game manages to suck you into an entrancing rhythm. A fast-moving, twitch-heavy shootout, "Space Dave" allows you to switch off your brain for a while, settle into the cockpit and unleash destruction on alien forces.
Publisher provided review code.

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