Sunday, July 21, 2019

"Dragon Quest Builders 2" Review

"Dragon Quest Bulders 2" is a triumphant and captivating quest on two different levels. Not only is it a dynamic, creative and joyous RPG, it's also a deep and involving sandbox, with the only limits on what you can create set in place by your imagination.

Three years after the original release blended light JRPG and "Minecraft"-style construction and crafting, Developer Omega Force expands on the foundation laid by the original.

Drawing upon decades of "Dragon Quest" heritage and pushes the franchise forward in many ways, conjuring an alchemy that bridges the gap between the fan bases of the two game types.

Not only is "Dragon Quest Builders 2" an essential component of the "DQ" mythos, but it's also one of the most advanced and accessible construction toolsets available in the construction subgenre. The multiplayer mode allows for collaboration and iterative innovation that ratchets up the satisfaction to an even higher level.

While the storyline and art style is geared toward child gamers, the game is equally enchanting to gamers of all ages, penetrating hardened shells to reach the young at heart. Although the challenge level may be low compared to other "Dragon Quest" games, the writing is as strong as that of any recent entry.

Now a full-fledged spinoff franchise in its own right, "Dragon Quest Builders" expands the possibilities of what can be expected from the side series. After the mastery on display here, fans of the mainline DQ series can't be blamed if they're more eager to see the next installment of "Builders" than the next numbered series entry.

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