Friday, July 26, 2019

"Pawarumi" Review

"Pawarumi" takes the bullet hell shmup concept and blows it out into screen-filling chaos.

Your Chukaru ship can toggle among different weapons, each with a distinct paradigm that's best suited to a particular type of swarm you're facing off against.

It takes a nimble eye to know which weapon is best equipped to help you live another few seconds before the looming threat of swift, violent demolition once again pins you to the back of your seat.

After a successful 2018 run on PC, Developer Manufacture 43 delivers its wacky shooter to consoles with boisterous aplomb. crafting a vigorous cavalcade of barely controlled chaos that may have the tendency to send gamers throwing up their hands in frustration.

The difficulty level is harsh and unforgiving from the get-go, and continually manages to throw increasingly crueller twists at the poor Chukaru.

While the enemy designs are creative and bold, precision is often sacrificed in favor of keeping things weird. You'll be excused if you need to tap out via the pause button frequently, just to shake off the dizziness and frayed nerves that the action induces in you.

The thrills in "Pawarumi" lean on the simplistic side, but there's no arguing with its ability to conjure a blistering arcade-style fever that will no doubt masochistic shooter fans crawling back for more.

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