Saturday, July 27, 2019

"Super Mega Baseball 2: Ultimate Edition" Switch Review

The makers of "Super Mega Baseball" franchise don't let their lack of a Major League Baseball license hold them back.

Instead, they see their plight as a freeing mechanism for their over-the-top baseball sim, allowing them to take outrageous liberties with the game, emphasizing fun and spectacle over trifles such as rules, physics and decorum.

The newest release, dubbed "Ultimate Edition," is the latest refinement of a formula conjured with the innovative 2014 original and its riotously superior 2018 sequel. Along with the base game of season and pennant modes filled with fictional slate of wacky-named coed teams, you get all previously released DLC and action that flows in 60 FPS in both handheld and docked modes.

Aside from an initial loading sequence that calls to mind the frustration of batters calling time out, unnecessary manager visits to the mound and procrastinating pitchers checking the runner at first, this is the same free-flowing game of augmented baseball that has rocked the indie sports game scene for the last half-decade.

Online play is also here, even though it's questionable whether the Switch community will be active enough to make games easily available around the clock. Probably the more useful multiplayer feature is single JoyCon support, which lets gamers play the field either cooperative or competitively without the need to spring for additional controllers or Switches.

As fitting an addition to the Switch lineup as an ace pitcher is to a contender's rotation at the trade deadline, "Super Mega Baseball 2: Ultimate Edition" wields a big stick and yells loudly. It's now officially baseball season on Nintendo's latest console.

Developer Metalhead Software

Publisher provided review code.

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