Sunday, July 28, 2019

"Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition" Review

When the zombie apocalypse hits, those behind the wheel of zombie-steamrolling vehicles will be king.

That's the premise we're working with in the top-down road rager "Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition" which opens up the road for you to ratchet up highway mayhem. You smash through fences, utility poles and zombie hordes, racking up as much destruction as you can.

Developer EXOR Studios brings to mind the original "Grand Theft Auto" games, as well as its DS spinoff, "Chinatown Wars."

The more chaos you create, the more funds you rack up, which lets you upgrade your vehicle and retool your arsenal to up your destructive capabilities.

Racing, rescue and survival modes vary up the gameplay objectives and give you plenty of reason to keep turning the ignition and slamming on the gas.

Intricately detailed graphics and smooth, slick controls keep the arcadey gem at full throttle. Although the material may be on the shallow side, the varied modes and iterative thrills make up for any shortcomings.

If you're in the mood for a drive as mindless as the undead you're slaughtering, this is one for you.

Publisher provided review code.

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