Wednesday, November 06, 2019

"Family Tree" Review

The physics-based platformer "Family Tree" lives and dies on its charm and simple mechanics to thrive. The result is an occasionally fun, rarely challenging snoozer that puts up little resistance.

Developer Infinite State Games seems to have taken the simplistic approach to visual design, with many of the backgrounds and characters coming off as clip art.

Whether or not the aesthetic is an intentional attempt at a clean, smooth dynamic or just a way to cut corners while reducing man hours isn't clear.

"Family Tree" carries a tone something like "Doodle Jump" or a pinball machine. You continue flinging your bouncy character past platform obstacles, avoiding hazards while racking up bonuses. The effect can be hypnotic and zen, but seems more acclimated to a minigame.

Many "Kirby" titles have bonus levels that strike the feel and look of "Family Tree," and the franchise's sparing use of the mechanic goes further than Infinite State Games' overstressed efforts.

If you've got kids who are looking for a simplistic, confidence-building time-killer, "Family Tree" may be worth a look. But the Switch marketplace has too many crowded branches for the game to establish a nest of its own.

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