Monday, November 04, 2019

"Ichidant-R" Review

You don't need to have played a game in its heyday to have nostalgic feelings bubble up when you play it nowadays. That's what the wild anthology "Ichidant-R" proves when you fire it up on the Switch.

Released in Japanese arcades in 1994, the collection of timed mini-puzzles finally makes its way to U.S. shores.

Fans of Nintendo's old "Wario Ware" games will feel right at home. The colorful, creative challenges keep you engaged, longing to top your best scores and eager to see what comes next.

More than 20 challenges are included in the mix. One moment you could be conducting an orchestra, and the next you could find yourself winding through a labyrinth or playing hide-and-seek with adorable creatures of the night.

Developer CRI went to admirable lengths to preserve the original look and feel of the game. But maybe the package could have used some additional levels to flesh it out from beyond the original quick-hit game.

Always flowing with energy and relentless momentum, "Ichidant-R" never gives you a chance to get bored or feel stuck. While the challenge on some games is negligible, it's tough to find a more jubilant time-killer. 

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