Wednesday, November 20, 2019

"The Surge 2" Review

Having crash-landed on the lonely outskirts of a megalopolis, you're taken captive and socked away inside a chaotic holding facility, you have only your wits -- along with a burning desire to thrive -- to help you regain your bearings and scrap your way back to prominence.

The dilapidated urban hell of Jericho is the unforgiving sandbox in which you dig in. With storms sweeping through encampments, half-cocked, sentient war machines raging unchecked, you patch together your resources and gradually build up your strength and capabilities until you become the hunter rather than the hunted.

Developer Deck13 follows up its 2017 success with a worthy follow-up. The sequel nails the basics that the original thrived on, and expands on nearly every aspect in meaningful ways.

The survival action aspect once again takes center stage, with your affinity for collecting scrap, building out your arsenal and upgrading your abilities is every bit as important as your skills in combat.

Some may gripe that "The Surge 2" is simply more of the same, but those who poured dozens of hours into that game and are aching for a fresh challenge won't find much to complain about.

"The Surge 2" may suffer from its inability to stretch out in new directions, but for those who crave the original formula and are on the hunt for a meaningful expansion, this will hit the spot with a marksman's precision.

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