Monday, September 28, 2020

"Here be Dragons" Review

An ultra-nerdy D&D session gone awry, "Here be Dragons" is a whimsical travelogue for the tabletop set.

Smart, sassy writing carries the game, which otherwise hovers close to visual novel territory. Light action moments break up the text-driven narrative.

Developer Red Zero Games is banking on hopes that there's enough humor in the material to move players through the paper and dice sim.

The spare, hand-drawn art style adds to the tone, funneling the tone all-in on the barebones aesthetic. The humor leans hard into ultra-geeky territory, for both better and worse.

While you're questing amid the seas, strategic choices come into effect as you confront sea creatures and rival treasure hunters.

The game feels right at home on the Switch, where it surfaced in September, more than a year after a PC launch. As a salty, in-the-know niche offering, it should find a home on the devices of many on-the-go players looking for something light yet substantive in between "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" and "Breath of the Wild" sessions. 

Publisher provided review code.

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