Monday, September 07, 2020

"Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time" Review

Samurai Jack is back, unflappable demeanor and katana at the ready. The video game venture is no typical cartoon adaptation flop, and overcomes some rough moments to provide a generally enjoyable hack-and-slash spree.

Available on all platforms, including mobile, the game pays tribute to the beloved Adult Swim series, which wrapped up its final season after a lengthy hiatus in 2017.

From the looks to sounds and rhythm of the writing, the game registers a thoroughly authentic feel. Head writer Derek Bachman penned the script, which weaves throughout the show's continuity and ties in with the 2017 finale.

As much as fans will appreciate the game's canonical value, though, it's the action and combat on which the game will either live or die. The results there are only so-so, with a retro, PlayStation-era 3D feel that doesn't always keep up with the flow of the battlefield.

For non-fans, "Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time" will feel like little more than a stylish beat-em-up. Those who grew up with the hero will see things differently, though, and it's these fans for whom the game was truly made, and it serves them with honor.

Publisher provided review code.

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