Sunday, September 27, 2020

"WWE 2K Battlegrounds" Review

 "WWE 2K Battlegrounds" is all attitude and no realism. Which is exactly the way a game about a fake sport should be,

Developer Saber Interactive applies the exaggerated "NFL Blitz" formula to pro wrestling. The approach makes more sense than the dry sim technique applied to most WWE games. Technical mastery has never been the appeal of the sport. It's always been wild, over-the-top shenanigans that hooked fans.

Stacked with a roster of greats that dates through the decades of the entertainment phenomenon's heyday, the game's arcade-style antics have you wielding oversize props, hurling your opponent out of the ring and unleashing show-stopping super moves that jolt the crowd to its feet.

While the gameplay and modes are rail-thin, the game nails what it sets out to be: A game to play with buddies late at night while high-fiving and guzzling beer. Just as with WWE telecasts, you have to be in on the joke while willingly suspending disbelief to get the most out of the antics.

As with "Blitz" and "NBA Jam," there is little need for annual updates in a game like this. While roster and arena expansions would be welcome, what you get here feels like a riotous and exuberant foundation to use to celebrate the absurdity of the action inside the squared circle. The game pulls off a spectacular submission hold on trifles such as physics, logic and balance, and it's all the better for that.

Publisher provided review code.

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