Wednesday, September 09, 2020

"Street Power Soccer" Review

It's been 13 years since "Mario Strikers Charged" released, and since then the world of arcade soccer has been desperately trying to play catch-up.

"Street Power Soccer" tries to set up the reins of the likes of "FIFA Street" and "Rocket League." It succeeds to a degree, providing a rapid-flowing game of sprinting, passing and striking, but its gameplay is too thin to give you reason to return day after day.

The silly character models -- complete with a creator -- joins with the six game modes to flesh things out. Online multiplayer is also there, and can freshen things up provided you can find an opponent.

While cage battles and freestyle can be amusing, it's the story mode that rises to the top as the main draw.

Powers and specials provide some zip to the gameplay, making for wildly imbalanced pyrotechnics and rubber banding AI that make no lead safe.

A solid soundtrack from the likes of DJ Snake, Snap the Black Eyed Peas peppers the soundtrack, helping to make up for bland, generic visuals.

While there's nothing here to seize your attention away from the likes of FIFA or PES, there is plenty here to distract an arcade-minded soccer fan who's waiting for Bowser and Mario to take to the pitch once again.

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