Saturday, October 07, 2023

Game DLC Review: 'Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways'

 The "Resident Evil 4" remake will no doubt go down as one of the best games of 2023, and its $10 DLC, "Separate Ways" is likely one of the best bargains of the year, granting a tantalizing story expansion for a minscule price.

Taking you through numerous familiar locations, each revisited with a sly twist, "Separate Ways" serves as a tantalizing desert course to the four-course meal it follows. It;s a revamp of a side mode included in the 2005 "Resident Evil 4."

Armed with Ada Wong's grappling gun, you race through the locales via a mix of stealth, survival and occasional brawling. As with the original, trategic thinking is a must to advance unscathed.

With spectacular boss fights that live up to some of the finest set pieces in the series' recent history, the DLC is a blisteringly paced roller coaster that rarely pauses for breath. If the remake thrilled you at the beginning of 2023, its waning months are an apt time to enjoy the follow-up.

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