Thursday, October 12, 2023

Game Review: 'Shark! Shark!'

Swimming in the slipstream of "Hungry Shark World," "Shark! Shark!" lets you follow along the evolution process by starting off as a tiny fish that chomps his way to bigger size.

The effort from BBG Entertainment is a simple yet satisfying affair. Profoundly replayable, the game boasts a frantic, Pac-Man-like feel in which you're constantly scampering for any opening to escape teh onslaught of creatures looking to devour you.

Once you've reached the tipping point on the size scale, it's you who paddles toward the apex side of the coin. There is far more satisfaction in tracking down smaller fish and chomping them so you can grow in size.

A pleasing soundtrack that enhances the onscreen action and simple yet satisfying visuals round out the package. This is most definitely a game that can instill the Tetris effect in you after you close your eyes once you finish long sessions.

While more depth to the gameplay would have made the package even more appealing -- the game often feels like a mobile venture or side mode to a meatier titles such "Maneater" -- "Shark! Shark!' is satisfying in its simplicity. An advanced class on barebones design and compelling replayability, the title is worth stocking in your Switch aquarium.

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