Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Game Review: 'Train Sim World 4'

Train hobbyists are an insular lot with particular tastes and demanding resolve. Dovetail Games' "Train Sim World 4," the latest entry in a franchise with tracks that trail back through the last half decade, is exquisitely designed to meet those demands.

Depending on your proclivities, this will either be a go-to obsession or something that you know you can't stand the instant you encounter the tutorial.

A proudly odd duck, "Train Sim World 4" allows you to live out every model train hobbyist's fantasy by entering the worlds of your creation as though they were life-sized.

The game includes routes from across the globe, including L.A.'s Antelope Valley Line, as well as routes from coast to coast and throughout Europe.

Licenses abound, including brands such as thee Flying Scotsman, Railpool Vectron. Class 323, 8F and Class 66 trains are all included.

Quality-of-life improvements from past entries abound. The user interface is slick and easy to use, force feedback on controllers is improved, and the weather and lighting visuals are enhanced. 

The area I suspect most hardcore players will spend their time is Free Roam, which lets your imagination come alive. You can set your own paths, spawn trains wherever you like.

There is so much to delve into in "Train Sim World 4" that you could spend hours with it every night and find much more to do and see every time you return. And there is just as much to avoid without any FOMO if you're not into this scene.

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