Friday, May 30, 2008

Barack Obama rumors that I think are true

He once had dinner with a person who committed a crime.

His American flag lapel pin is made of nonbiodegradeable tin.

He is of mixed ancestry.

He has ran a red light.

While eating at McDonald's, he has taken more napkins and ketchup packets than the manager would have approved of had he been looking.

He can't sing very well.

He comes from Hawaii, which is so far from the mainland it can hardly be considered America.

He has walked right by homeless beggars without so much as saying "what up."

He is Muslim. But if he isn't and he's Christian like he says he is, then he's the bad kind of Christian.

He on multiple occasions has bought Michael Jackson albums.

He has had sex after marriage.

He leaves the toilet seat up, even after he's reminded several times to stop.

He's not Sean Hannity.

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