Tuesday, November 07, 2017

"Ace of Seafood" Review

 An undersea, third-person shooter consisting of laser-blasting fish, "Ace of Seafood" starts with about as absurd a premise as you can dream up. The execution is fueled with just as much creative precision.

After choosing a six-creature party, you venture out into the cut-throat world of seafaring dangers to seize control of various reefs. The visual design thrives by sticking to realistic looks and sizes of the creatures, making the high-powered weaponry stand out.

As the commanding "ace" that leads the pack, it's on you to set the tone by taking the lead in combat ops, setting formations and doling out special ability attacks.

Two-player couch multiplayer and four-player, voice chat-equipped online slugfests keep things lively, and the open-world map, which teems with procedurally generated armies of sea creatures constantly provides a daunting challenge. Although the gameplay is slim, the execution of what the game does well makes it a standout in the sea of PS4 indies.
Publisher provided review code.

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