Tuesday, November 14, 2017

"Rocket League" Switch Review

No console has had a 2017 to match that of the Switch, and the release of "Rocket League" on the system only adds to the momentum. One of the most addictive sports games on the market manages to make significant strides on the handheld/home console hybrid. The game particularly excels in handheld mode, with the screen's proximity to your eyes making your connection to the gameplay.

A game that thrives on kinetic action and requires rapid reflexes to stay competitive requires pinpoint precision in controls, and the Switch comes through in that respect with relish.

Some Switch ports have suffered from weak online play, but "Rocket" League" has a large and engaged enough community to support yet another platform. While a lack of a cohesive chat system could be seen as a drawback, the fact that most of the gameplay is one-on-one minimizes the lack of ability to fluidly communicate.

Each of the modes doled out by the expansions makes the cut on switch, with the old standbys based on soccer and basketball continuing to make the most resonant impressions. Whether you're competing against bots or live opponents, the action is consistently thrilling and addictive. If the Switch has a weak sector so far, it's the sports genre, but "Rocket League" makes up much of that liability.
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