Monday, November 06, 2017

"Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds" Review

"Horizon Zero Dawn" was a vast game to begin with, and its "The Frozen Wilds" expansion considerably expands the scope and majesty of one of the most deep and exciting adventures of 2017.

Unlike Sony's "Uncharted" spinoff, "The Lost Legacy," "The Frozen Wilds" requires the original game to play. You can play it as post-game content or take it in the flow of the story if you've yet to beat the game. Recommended for players who have hit level 30, the new areas and missions it provides are accessible from the standard map. Once you take down the "A Seeker at the Gates" quest, you can access everything. Helpfully, the install file transfers over your save to work on the new, expanded map.

Living up to its name, "The Frozen Wilds" rolls out an intimidating tundra teeming with natural obstacles and robotic menaces that plague the northern wildlands. The quests it presents rank among some of the game's most creative and challenging, and the narrative manages to beef up the lore and strengthen the relationships between Aloy and the peripheral characters.

The gameplay-to-cost ratio here is a bargain, and a savvy pickup for fans of the game who have been hungering for more for months.
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