Wednesday, November 01, 2017

"Monopoly for Nintendo Switch" Review

Like "Tetris," a "Monopoly" adaptation seems to work its way onto just about every console in existence. But never has there been a more appropriate fit than on the Switch.

Ideal in the underutilized-by-other-games Tabletop Mode, in which players set the tablet up on a kickstand and either both assume a JoyCon or pass it back and forth, is more of an ideal electronic version of the game than any I'd seen. "Monopoly" is one of the greatest board games, but its cumbersome setup and cleanup make it a pain to play. Video game versions have always been awkward fits. The Switch solves both problems, making it a joy to play against local competition or online.

The usual slate of adjustments are available. You can play streamlined versions of games, adapt your own house rules or stick with the standard setup. The only barrier to marathon sessions is the Switch's battery life. But a group who has played the game for the three hours or so it will take to drain the battery will probably be ready for a break at that point anyway.

What's more important is that people will be willing to play it again once the system has juiced up again. The same isn't true for that sad, dusty "Monopoly" box hiding out in your closet.

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