Tuesday, June 26, 2018

"Destiny's Princess: A War Story, A Love Story" Switch Review

Despite the growing legions of hardcore, lifelong female gamers in the mix, games geared toward women are infrequent. "Destiny's Princess: A War Story, a Love Story" is the exception to the norm, telling a story that eschews male bravado to appeal to traditionally feminine qualities.

Ported to Switch two years after dropping on PC, the game is something of a visual, fantasy-tinged romance novel. Set in Japan during its 15th century Warring States period, you play a princess in a beleaguered kingdom who summons five mysterious heroes from realms beyond.

The heroes are your only hope to ward of a plague of marauding demons, and it's up to you to manage the oft-conflicting yearnings and impulses of the spirited charges. As you can glean from the title, romantic battlegrounds are intertwined with those of combat.

The writers, as well as publisher D3, deserve credit for laying on the mature content thick and heavy, without regard for how it might negatively impact sales.

The game sets out to tell a decidedly grown-up story, complete with the language, nudity and intensely uncomfortable situations that entails. The story is moving and thoughtful, earning its hard M rating with romantic and thoughtful prudence.
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