Saturday, June 02, 2018

"The Banner Saga" Switch Review

Having long since conquered other realms, "The Banner Saga" is marching onto the Switch, first with a port of the original game, soon to be followed by the sequel, setting the stage for the release of the trilogy's capstone, which is also due out on other platforms.

Originally released on PC and mobile in 2014, the Kickstarter-backed strategy game captured the imagination and satisfied the nostalgic yearnings of legions of players. The tactical RPG sets you at war in a realm influenced by Norse mythology.

Hand-drawn visuals sweep you away into the captivating world, which lets you control two characters whose stories eventually merge. Choices you make affect the way the story plays out, allowing for multiple playthroughs that change your experience from one game to the next.

The combat and writing elevate the game to an elite level, making for a riveting challenge that never slows. The ability to take the game on the go or sink into your couch to enjoy it on your TV makes the Switch version stand out from its predecessors.
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